The quintessential modern feeling

It’s the quintessential modern feeling, at least in the first world- thinking, “I’m just going to check out this site for A MOMENT,’ and then three hours later, you creakily un-hunch yourself from the screen.  This time it wasn’t a wiki-hole about linguistics or youtube videos about medicine- I made a Net-A-Porter wishlist.  I don’t think I’m going to publicize it on my site- I don’t like the feeling of Hey I Like Stuff!!  I shall leave that page as it is.  But if you are wading through these (often un-polished) blog posts, you can see it here: .  More than a list of desires it’s a strange way to get to know a person- clothes and retail preferences contain a lot of information, much as we don’t like to be collections of our consumption.

When I looked at my list it was a bit uncomfortable.  I wear A LOT of black, for one.  For another there are many clothes I would wear if they didn’t have logos on them.  I buy RayBan knock-offs because I like the shape but will not stand for a written advertisement On My Face.  I’ve thought seriously about how to remove that decal, but I can’t trust myself to be able to do it without breaking the frame. And yes, I have read Pattern Recognition:)  But my dislike of being a billboard predates it.

The biggest realization was that I have a uniform, which I didn’t really understand until I looked at all my yeses next to each other.  Short, black, or black and white, with occasional texture or architectural details.  It’s self-knowledge, both of life-style (I walk everywhere, from biking to Le Bernadin) and of strengths (I have good legs and an impatience with anything that gets in the way of them.)

I wonder if NaP has a matching function, whence you could be given the email addresses of women in your city who had 80% the same choices and some day meet.  Two lanky, circumspect brunettes in a cafe, staring across at each other, with simple black handbags on each shadowed lap.