Ms. Black Thumb

Last year or so I decided- no more ms. black thumb.  I may have mentioned this: that I have always kept animals quite ably but iced any and all plants.  It felt like having a very very specific learning disability- one that involved murder.

So I bought an ivy last April.  It didn’t die!  Then an aloe, and I was careful not to water too often.  It thrived.  Now I have plants all over my apartment- I have grown used to running their circuit in the morning with last nights water glass as I wait for the electric kettle to boil (YES, just wearing underwear, my goodness:)  Despite plants having been important enough to be a New Year’s resolution, the success has been even more rewarding than I could have thought.  My apartment is lush, with a summer indoors- ok, a pale summer, but I live in New York:)