I’d like to hear from you, what moves you and holds you.  Who you are when the lights are down and you relax.  You can see my personality somewhat on Twitter- but 140 characters is a tight limit.  I’d like to show you more.

There’s an honorarium for paper- please enquire 😉


It’s easy- there’s no filter. It’s an exhilarating feeling, rushing to finish each other’s sentences, seeing that punch line coming and dissolving into laughter. You don’t have this with everyone, you can’t- which is why it’s so special when it happens- and why you don’t want to lose it.

If we connect like this we’ll both know. Maybe the same hour by hour just doesn’t cover the kind of relationship we have, and we can move into something a little more organic, a little more open. We can make a plan that allows for spontaneity, be a presence in each others lives. I’ve probably felt it too but for obvious reasons I can’t bring it up. Ask me.

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