What does it mean to live luxuriously? Is it grand surroundings or clothing?

I used to think so. But there came a moment when what I remembered of an evening was the face in front of me, the heat of skin with my eyes closed. When I realized I remembered laughing, and a long still look, and nothing else.

6400      24 hours      Let’s explore your city, or mine, or make an adventure together! It’s amazing that in someone else’s arms sometimes you rediscover . . . yourself.

4200      A magic day      A long stroll in the sunlight, discovery, and joy. You’ve spent 8 hours at work, why not make that time feel new
4200      overnight      An evening spent together is like a movie: time to connect in so many ways. There’s no hurry- we still have breakfast in bed to look forward to

3600      6 hrs      The whole evening or afternoon, just for us! Take in a show, slow down a tasting, . . . relaxation means no hurry at all

2600        4 hrs      Getting to know you, flirting, dinner is a slow burn . . . I will not elaborate on dessert

2100      3 hrs      What could we do in 3 hours? What couldn’t we?

1500      2 hrs      A chat over a drink, our eyes wander, you see a flicker of warmth in my eye, or is it heat?

1000      1 hr      For the gentleman who prioritizes pleasure

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