Having a Crush is the Best Feeling

Having a crush is the best feeling

. . . the spark, the rush, the tingles of anticipation- I savor those butterflies.

Having a crush puts a spring in my step, makes my mind rush forward to the delicious moment when the door opens and finally- there we are.  A few words of greeting, two smiles, and the possibilities unfold in front of us.

I’m eager to discover you.

I don’t have a booking form- I should but eh:)  I’m an email girl all the way- I want to be able to read between the lines of your writing.  You can tell so much about someone from even a word choice.  As you’re choosing each word though please don’t forget

  • when
  • where
  • what city
  • screening info: either 2 references (their names, website and email addresses), your P four one one info, or your name, business, phone number, and a photo of your government issued photo ID.  All information is kept carefully until you are fully screened and then deleted.  Your efforts at putting my mind utterly at ease reward us both- because when we are together I can abandon myself totally to the moment.