The Fine Print

The fine print

900 60 min

A kiss and maybe a drink, relax: let’s prioritize pleasure

1400 2 hours

We flirt, our fingers casually, electrically touching, and you wonder what I’m wearing under my outfit- is it nothing at all?

1900 3 hours, cocktails, flirting, and . . .

Whatever could we do in three hours?  What couldn’t we?

2400 4 hours, a perfect soufflé

Mutual seduction at the restaurant of your choice, maybe a stroll or a heated cab ride.  I will not elaborate on dessert:)

4200 overnight, typically from 8 pm to 10 am (ish)

My favorite way to spend an evening.  Let’s enjoy the city and each other before falling asleep entwined: we have breakfast in bed to look forward to!

6400 24 hours

An ideal way to get away from it all, take a break from the world and unwind totally.  It’s amazing that in someone else’s arms sometimes you find: yourself.

11000 A weekend

Travel is one of my passions, and I would love to share that passion with you.  Whether business or pleasure, a new city or one you’ve been to 100 times, let’s explore, taste, and learn with each other.

N.B: for engagements of longer than an overnight I require a 2 hours a day for myself.    I’m better at being a duo when I make sure to recharge!

I am always delighted to see couples.  I flatter myself that I navigate such experimentation with sensuality, wit, and aplomb.  The donation is the same, though people tend to tip- and there is minimum of a two hour booking as the dynamic shouldn’t be rushed.  Both parties must be excited and aware of what’s happening.  It’s not a good surprise- but it is a great evening!

Getting the paperwork finished means that our guards can melt away.  Donations should be in an unsealed envelope and placed in plain sight when you arrive or in the bathroom of your place.  If we meet in public I hope you won’t mind tucking it into a book or gift bag.

For travel outside New York I ask a 50% deposit, and travel expenses.