Friday night

I got to stay home last night.  It doesn’t sound THAT exciting I know but my social life has been a bit hectic lately and then there’s my day job, and then this: so yes.  It was grand.  Leggings, hot chocolate, a movie curled up in bed.  However, I watched Hercules.  Now, if you know me, you know I love terrible movies and I really love Dwayne The Rock Johnson (he is America!)  I read hard books, I keep up with the serious topics, I’m very comfortable with my media consumption identity.  When I unwind I watch something with fight scenes and half naked girls and stuff that blows up.  I thought, what could go wrong with Mssr. Hairy Eyebrow and ancient adventure time?

Good Lord.  Brett Ratner can make anything boring.  He could remake The Terminator with a cast of Oscar nominated Suicide Girls, and it would be dullsville.  He could make a movie with a fully nude Cate Blanchett armed with a ninja sword and you would do your algebra homework to get out of watching it.  At a certain point it swings back around to impressive.

Rant over.  It was still great to stay in:)