I know that spring officially starts in March, but it never truly feels like spring until April. I take interest and often delight in watching all of the little nothings become somethings from under what is left of the frost and snow and sludge in the city. Crocuses and snowdrops peek out from underneath a winter’s worth of taxi slush. There’s something almost poetic about how plants just know when it is time to grow, regardless of all the other things that have happened in this big, complex world. Plants just do the thing that they know how to…


It’s also a fantastic time of year, because it is finally just warm enough to jog outside!  I’ve been carefully and excitedly crafting a playlist to finally put sneaker to asphalt.  It is already creeping into the 60’s, and the city feels like spring.  Fair warning: it’s heavy on the rap, because when I’m trying to get back in outdoor running shape I need all the percussive beats I can get:) Check it out:


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