restaurants I'm dying to try

Well, not dying:)  That’s a bit of hyperbole, but lately I have been reading a lot of cheffy stuff (Blood, Bones and Butter is an amazing book, even if you can’t boil an egg, and Heat kind of snuck up on me.)  All the insight into the mind of people who think about food seriously made me, well, seriously think about food.  Restaurants in New York trend so rapidly that one doesn’t need to be a completist about trying them all: amazing newness allows you a certain lassitude.  That being said, here is a brief list of where I most want to go.  It should be stated that gratitude and food are a very, ah, seductive combination:)

Eleven Madison Park:  I haven’t been there since they switched management, but I can’t imagine them better then they were.

Gato: a friend told me this place is amazing: and she’s a friend who can really cook.)

Dirt Candy: I never even tried to eat here when there were like, 3.7 tables or whatever it was.  But they moved to a bigger space, so it’s not so much tilting at veggie windmills!

Le Bernardin: needs no explanation.  I can’t believe I haven’t been here yet:)

Restaurant August: I remember this as the jewel of my West Village days:)  I’m wondering how the move went.