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We both know what we need

We know it’s out there: the real deal, the heat, the ignition, that blooming gasoline feeling that occurs when two strangers confound the standard model and have an authentic experience. We both want to turn to each other and raise our eyebrows a little and smile.





It All Comes Down To Chemistry





A crush is the best feeling

I want to share with you an unrushed and wonderful correspondence.



Meet Molly








Other ways to get to know me.

I’d like to reach you with my days and nights.  Maybe you’ve wanted to meet me but the distance means we will have to wait a while- perhaps this can be our long distance courtship, our flirtation.

My documentation stems from my fervent desire to meet you.  To have my form in your mind is almost like my hand in yours.








These Are The Movies Of The Met Gala

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