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It’s a big life, at every magnification. All the faces in the street, all the beauty and confusion, all the whirl. There’s an infinity of complexity within blocks of us, across the globe, or within. That’s what I’m interested in: in a word, Everything.

You’re in that everything. I’m curious about you, about what you think and do, but also emotionally, what you feel and wonder. And let’s not forget physically curious: what makes your eyes deepen? What makes you catch your breath? How would you make me catch mine?

I want to share me with you, and you with me


I’d like to reach you with my days . . . and nights. Maybe you’ve wanted to meet but the distance means we have to wait a while? This can be our long distance courtship, our flirtation;)

My documentation stems from my fervent desire to meet you. I’m a writer– to have my form in your mind is almost like my hand in yours.

Would you like to know what I like?

A person is not their preferences, not their consumption, but: desire is a great teacher.

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Join our Newsletter!

From time to time I reach out with news about where I’m going, what I’m doing, pictures and thoughts. Postcards, almost. Would you like me to send them to you? Drop me your address;)